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White Stone Counseling Resources

White Stone Resources is owned and operated by Raymond and Pamela Wunderlich. Raymond and Pamela are graduates of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and both are Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors in the State of Illinois. Raymond also holds a Masters of Divinity.

Raymond and Pamela WunderlichWhite Stone has been developed out of a vision of the need for healthy and effective Biblically principled Christian counseling in the local church. Over thirty years ago, Raymond experienced the need for professional counseling and during this journey through the counseling process he came to know and receive Jesus Christ as his Lord, Savior and Master. Several years after his decision to trust his life to Christ, he sensed a calling into a counseling ministry that could be based in local churches. Raymond was employed as a sales and marketing executive for over fifteen years until he chose to enter seminary for his training. Pamela spent over ten years as a music therapist working with developmentally disabled adults. After this season of life, she was also led to seek professional counseling training in seminary. Their life experiences and personal journeys through the processes of healing and change in the counseling venue offer them a broad perspective from which to draw in the management of White Stone and as Professional Christian Counselors, speakers and teachers.

After graduation from Trinity, Raymond and Pamela were both employed by hospitals in the Chicago area and worked in their mental health centers. Raymond served as the Pastoral, Clinical and Administrative Director of a local hospital's Christian Counseling department. Pamela worked in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and counseling settings. During this time they gained broad experience in all levels of the mental health field, including inpatient psychiatric, day hospital, and outpatient services. Raymond and Pamela each have experience in providing individual, group, marital and family therapy in the areas of relationships, addictions, thought disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, and eating disorders while working with adolescents and adults of all ages.

In October of 1997 Raymond sensed God's leading in calling him to develop White Stone Resources and has since been practicing privately while building this ministry. He and Pamela were married in 2000, and in May 2002 the decision was made to expand White Stone with additional counselors and churches. Currently, White Stone has grown to fifteen staff counselors and four offices as it directly serves over twenty churches in the Northern and Western geographic regions of the Chicago area and receives referrals from numerous others. The organization is continuing to seek new relationships with additional local churches and will add Licensed Professional Christian counselors to White Stone as needed to provide professional services in these churches. Counselors employed by or under contract to White Stone Resources are clinically supervised by Raymond Wunderlich and will be trained in the integration of Psychology and Theology to enhance their ability to provide Biblically based and integrated Christian counseling.

Revelation 2:17 is the impetus for the name and ministry of White Stone Resources. We believe that at the moment of Spiritual birth, the believer is given access to his or her true identity which only he or she can know. As a person enters the counseling process, he or she has the opportunity to begin or enhance the process of overcoming or conquering his or her old self and to uncover and reveal more of the true identity given them by Christ. We wait with great anticipation for the day when He returns and we all will finally know fully the person He has made each of us to be. Until then, may White Stone Resources serve Him honorably and humbly in helping those brought into our care move ever closer to receiving their White Stone.

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"White Stone Resources is a strategic partner in our disciple-making ministry. We have found their entire staff to be honest, thoroughly Biblical, compassionate, and effective."

— Zack Turner, Former Senior Pastor
Faith Church of Grayslake
Grayslake, Illinois