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If a local church wishes to explore becoming a partner with White Stone Resources to offer their members and attenders professional Christian counseling services, we will be honored to visit with any members of the pastoral staff or church leadership to provide a complete education of how we work with a church body to enhance their overall ministry. A church can request a presentation by contacting Raymond Wunderlich, M.Div., M.A., LCPC, the owner and Director of White Stone. A mutually agreed-upon time and date will be set and all questions can be addressed.

As we offer our services to local churches, we want the leadership of the body to get to know and trust those to whom they will be entrusting their parishioners' care. Each local church is assigned a male and female counselor as primary White Stone contacts. It is common for these and other appropriate members of the White Stone counseling staff to periodically attend church staff meetings or elder/deacon meetings in order to build comfort and understanding as trust grows between White Stone and the local church body. Some churches provide a room in their facility for a White Stone counselor to come each week and do counseling with their members and attenders. Other churches simply refer to one of our four strategically placed offices. White Stone counselors are available to partnering churches to teach relevant seminars, train small group leaders, assist congregational care ministries, and consult with church leadership on organizational and relational issues where needed.

In working together, there are two levels of partnership available. The first and most common is when a formal Counseling Services Agreement is signed between the local church and White Stone Resources. This agreement says that White Stone is to be the primary provider of Christian Counseling Services to this body and will provide primary counselors, teaching resources, consultation services, and competitive rates with a sliding scale. The church agrees to provide regular referrals, regular promotion of the White Stone counseling services, opportunities for teaching/seminars, and if appropriate, a room location in the church facility for counseling services to be offered. The second level of partnership is when White Stone Resources becomes one of several primary/preferred referral sources for Christian Counseling Services for the church. White Stone continues to offer the primary counselors, teaching resources, consultation services, and competitive rates with a sliding scale, but the church isn't requested through a signed agreement to regularly promote White Stone's services or provide space for counseling. In both levels of partnership, White Stone staff members work to know and be known by church staff and leadership in order for trust and significant relationships to be established and grow.

We truly want to be partners with local churches in helping the members and attenders of the body find and experience the amazing freedom that is offered to each person in Christ. If you would like to talk further about how this could help your church body, please contact White Stone Resources as follows: Raymond C. Wunderlich, M.Div., M.A., LCPC - Director. Call him at 847-821-9346 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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"The relationship we have with White Stone counselors has proven to be very powerful in the lives of our people. The counselors from White Stone Resources are Biblically sound, well trained, and offer tangible therapy. They are not only committed to the health of the individual, but also to the ministry that a church can offer in cooperation with counseling. The relationship we have with White Stone enhances our ability to ministry effectively to our congregation. We highly recommend them."

 — Dave Barber, Former Senior Pastor
Village Church of Barrington
Barrington, Illinois